PelaPera to start learning Japanese

PelaPera gives you the opportunity to get started with the Japanese language using an easy approach.


It presents slightly more than one hundred sentences that can mostly be used in daily life.

Without studying grammar, it gives you some basics of fundamental sentence construction. And more important you get the voice recording of the contents by a native speaker (female and male), which lets you progressively familiarize yourself with the sounds of the language.


Finally, when you feel the need for more advanced contents or for other sentences that are not included. You can add your own, learned from a teacher or any other source and have it recorded.


The following screenshots are based on version 1.0 of the application.


The app is divided into about a dozen sections. Each of them dedicated to a specific area of communication or particular kind of sentences.

Several types of display are possible to choose from according to the knowledge of the user. Going from using Chinese characters (called Kanji) the same way Japanese people themselves would use them, to using a pure romanized display; and also including specific syllabic Japanese characters (called Kana), like Japanese children do.

Focus is put on listening. One starts to learn a language by listening, at least by hearing. Isn't that the way you became so good at your own native language?

Next comes imitation, by repeating. This app gives what is needed for this kind of exercise: listening-repeating-comparing until you are able to communicate.

It is possible to set the number of times for the exercise, according to your preference.

Once the listening-repeating exercise is over, you have the chance to listen and compare your own voice with that of the native speaker.

The fact that this app provides a convenient way for students to practice with listening, repeating and comparing exercises makes it an extremely valuable tool for improving one's skills at using the language in real life.

Learning a new foreign language is no easy task for anybody, but keeping at it for a certain time with regular practice, makes it possible for anyone to reach a reasonably good communication level.

The setting screen allows the user to tune the app to his or her own preference and level.

PelaPera lets you add you own newly learned sentences and expressions, from a teacher or from a native speaker, as you improve your language skills.

You can take a picture of this QR code using a QR code reader app with your iPhone in order to find PelaPera on the appStore.

Good luck on your Japanese learning challenge!

Have fun with it, and don’t be too impatient about your progress.

Keep in mind that constant practice is your key to success.